Made In Italy

Entirely made of refractory pressed material with a high percentage of alumina. The height of the vault from the bottom and its parabolic shape allow the homogeneous heating of the base and consequently food is perfectly cooked. Because of their characteristics our ovens may be installed both outside, with an appropriate protection, and inside, both single or combined to fireplaces. (Legna/Gas)

이태리 화산재와 높은 함량의 알루미나를 진동 혼합하고 프레스로 가공하여 생산된 제품입니다.
바닥에서 둥근천장의 높이와 포물선모양이 균일한 가열을 가능하게 해주며, 연속적으로 음식조리가 완벽하게 이루어집니다.
오븐의 특징으로 인하여 적정한 보호장치를 하여 외부에도 설치가 가능하며, 내부에도 설치가 가능합니다.

Technical data VZ F9:
- Weight: 420 Kg
- Stovetop: cms 72x105
- Smokes output: Ø cms 14
- Internal H: cms 35
- Mouth dimension: cms 47
- Cooking capacity: up to 4 pizzas - Ø 30 cm

Composing elements:
- 3 Bases in refractory
- 6 Domes in refractory
- 1 Bottom in refractory
- 1 Front with door support
- 1 Half-moon with outlet
- 1 Mouth arch
- 1 Smokes output connections

Optional elements:
- Mineral wool caulking
- Fastening clips

* 국제품질인증 획득
- ISO 9001:2000
- CE