Barcode MilkPS10 /1MD
Equipped with the patented Smart Boiler technology, which significantly boosts steam or hot water capacity (approx. +30%).

Coffee group characterised by a variable chamber to ensure optimal extraction of any kind of beverage.

High-performance grinding burrs.

Cappuccinomatic for one-step cappuccino and latt?, equipped with the exclusive Milk Precision System (MilkPS), thanks to which you can: obtain a consistent in-the cup milk dose; customize milk temperature for each selection (patented); prepare stratified beverages; place the fridge under the counter.

- 1 Grinder
- 1 Steam wand
- 8 button Menu:
Latte 1cup x 2cup
Cappuccino 1cup x 2cup
Americano 1cup x 2cup
Espresso 1cup x 2cup



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