Since its foundation in 1948, the Hans Kratt factory has been producing bakery and catering appliances.
While emulsifiers and nut mills were a major part of the product range during the early post-war years,
The production program has increasingly turned towards Mussana whipped cream dispensers since the start of the fifties.
These appliances stood out due to their very high level of quality for those times, as well as their easy operation.

The whipped cream dispensers, then operated with compressed air, were followed in the mid sixties by the first cream
whipping machines as we know them today. At that time, Hans Kratt Maschinenfabrik became a national and international
leading company - a position which it has not relinquished to the present day.
The ongoing further development of the machines in the seventies, eighties and nineties, with elements such as complete
stainless steel finish, double mixing rollers, standard portioning and cleaning mechanisms, have made Mussana one of the
best products in cream whipping technology.

Recent investments of millions of euros mean Hans Kratt Maschinenfabrik GmbH now has the latest, highest quality and
most cost-effective manufacturing process for cream whipping equipment.
Keeping around 75% of its production at the Mannheim site gives the claim "Made in Germany" a new brilliance.
Customers from around 50 countries all over the world each day enjoy the machine's simple handling, efficiency,
features and ease of cleaning. All these efforts have made it possible to avoid price rises since 1993, despite
selecting the highest quality materials and components. The result is that Mussana cream whipping machines are being
used in more and more businesses.

Our principle "Quality at a fair price" is very appreciated all over the world.
1948 Hans Kratt Maschinenfabrik was founded in Mannheim by Hans Kratt.
1950 First Mussana whipped cream dispenser was produced.
1965 First Mussana cream whipping machine was built.
1981 Hans Kratt Maschinenfabrik GmbH was founded.
1985 New cream whipping machine series with double mixing roller designed completely in stainless steel was introduced to the market.
1995 Intensive cooling right through to the garnishing spout was introduced.
1996 Standard portioning mechanism was introduced along with the Microtronic series.
2002 Standard cleaning mechanism combined with a new finer machine design was introduced.